Monday, July 28, 2008

What's going on with us?

Well, right now, there is quite a bit going on. Last summer we decided to move to Wilmington, NC, and put our house on the market. We moved our family of 3(at the time-- within a month it became 4) into one room that we shared with a lot of my dad's storage. So, now, 9 months later, we are finally closing on our house Aug. 8th and getting our own place in Wilmington. That's not all that is happening on August 8th. That day is also the day my parents arrive in Wyoming for a family reunion after driving the USA for a week and a half. So, no help from them with moving. August 8th is also Chandra's due date-- hopefully she is talking her doctor into breaking her water as I type this so my parents get to see the baby before they leave. In the middle of all of this going on, we need to finalize a place for us in Wilmington, celebrate Ragno's birthday in Fayetteville, and I have one of my CTR 8's at church getting baptized that she asked me to speak at.

Hopefully all of this doesn't "stress out" Isabelle. If you know what I am talking about, then you know what I mean.